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What’s trending in the hospitality industry in 2020?

Posted on: 18/02/20 Posted by: Sidrah Ahmad

The hospitality industry is changing faster than ever before, with technology, sustainability and social media changing consumer behaviour. From smart hotels to dark kitchens and…

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The demand for sparkling water is higher than ever

Posted on: 31/01/20 Posted by: Jamie Haines

Recent trends point to a decline in the consumption of soft drinks as consumers place emphasis on personal well being and making sustainable choices.

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How to run a sustainable venue without compromising on success

Posted on: 02/01/20 Posted by: Jamie Haines

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World Medical Association urges governments to introduce sugar tax.

Posted on: 11/11/19 Posted by: Sidrah Ahmad

A pending sugar tax is affecting what consumers choose to drink. Learn how to adapt to the new trends and give your customers the beverages they crave.

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Expand your restaurant offering with sparkling water drink recipes

Posted on: 29/03/19 Posted by: Sidrah Ahmad

Increase the revenue opportunity at your restaurant or cafe with Purezza sparkling water drink recipes. It couldn’t be simpler to boost your bottom line.

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The market shift that’s boosting restaurant profits

Posted on: 01/03/19 Posted by: Sidrah Ahmad

As consumers ditch soda for sparkling water, there’s an opportunity for hotels, restaurants and cafés to profit with a turnkey solution, Purezza.

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Boost profitability in your venue

Posted on: 08/02/19 Posted by: Sidrah Ahmad

Cafes and restaurants are waking up to an opportunity by removing single use items from their venue to boost their bottom line and reduce overhead costs.

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Reimagine sparkling water at your venue

Posted on: 07/01/19 Posted by: Sidrah Ahmad

Eliminate bottled water waste from your venue, by installing an on-tap filtered sparkling and chilled water system from Purezza Premium Water systems.

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Customers are crazy for sparkling water

Posted on: 17/10/18 Posted by: Sidrah Ahmad

Awareness of dental decay, diabetes, gout, heart disease, and obesity has resulted in a demand for healthier beverages. Serve clean water with every pour.

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Is sparkling water healthy?

Posted on: 17/10/18 Posted by: Sidrah Ahmad

Unlike sugary drinks that come packed with calories, sparkling water is sugar-free. It’s refreshing, bubbly, and tastes great and healthy.

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