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Purezza premium sustainable water solutions that positively impact your bottom line

Purezza is changing the way restaurants, cafés and hotels do business. The modern alternative to pre-packaged bottled water, Purezza is leading the way in providing cost effective, sustainable and high-quality water dispensing solutions for hospitality venues worldwide.

The Purezza offering can be tailored for your business with system sizes that suit any space and output requirement. Powerful underbench or counter-top options are available and to ensure your system operates at maximum efficiency our servicing team are on-hand for maintenance and support.

A commitment to sustainability has always been an integral part of our approach to our business. Our vision is to remove 30 million single-use bottles from the global hospitality supply chain annually, whilst at the same time, creating long-term value for our customers that positively impacts their bottom line.

Purezza operates in Europe, USA and Australia and with our Waterlogic distribution network extending to 60+ markets globally including Europe, Asia, South America and The Middle East, we can supply, install, maintain and service our products across our indirect markets.

Join thousands of customers globally, get unlimited, freshly dispensed, great-tasting sparkling or still water that your customers will love and see the impact one single business practise can make in helping to increase revenue and supporting our environment.

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From serving bottles to absorbent bar runners, Purezza has everything you need to complement your Purezza system.

The Purezza brand is a symbol of sustainability in the hospitality industry, when a customer walks in and sees you serve Purezza they know they’re making the environmentally conscious choice.

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“Purezza is conveniently easy to use, drives profit to the bottom line, adds versatility to the menu and reduces our carbon footprint. But best of all, the freshness tastes like home.”

Chef Giovanni Pilu
Pilu at Freshwater

"I always tell people, go with Purezza, go with a system like this. It makes sense, it should make sense for everybody.”

Chef Alessandro Pavoni
Ormeggio at The Spit and Chiosco

"Purezza is able to supply us with an amazing filtration system so our guests are getting the best water in the world every single day.”

M. V. Arnim
Park Hyatt Sydney

"Makes ordinary tap water taste fantastic!”

D. Kamme
Arbour Kitchen