Purezza Consumables & accessories

Purezza offers a range of essentials and accessories to help you get the most out of your Purezza system

Our range of Purezza glass bottles are perfect for serving Purezza water in house or takeaway, so you and your customers can make the sustainable choice for drinking water.

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Purezza Glass Serving Bottle

Purezza Glass Serving Bottle

Fusing superior quality with elegant simplicity

Our exquisite and unique range of glass bottles has been meticulously designed with the busy hospitality environment in mind. In both function and form, our bottles provide the ultimate in hygiene requirements whilst simultaneously elevating the user experience for both the venue and the customer.

Hygiene Usability Sustainability

Whilst stunning aesthetics are important, hygiene and usability were also key characteristics when engineering the serving bottles.

From the wider bottle mouth, to the shape of the neck and shoulders, to the weight of the glass our bottles have been engineered for hospitality needs. Every element has been tailored for improving water flow, cleanability, speed of refill and ergonomics

Our bottles are available in 750ml and 350ml options.

  • Minimum order qty:1 box 6 bottles
  • Price per 750ml bottle: $7.95
  • Price per 350ml bottle: $6.95 + GST
  • Special offer: buy 5 boxes and get free shipping


Maintain the quality of your Purezza system with our accessories. Keep your system sparkling clean with our sanitising spray and dishwashing rack, or you can purchase our highly absorbent bar runner to keep spills to a minimum.

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600 ml Aluminium Bottles

Aluminium Bottles

The Purezza durable 600 ml aluminium, re-usable bottles are a cost-effective, eco-friendly solution that encourage good hydration, keep drinks refreshingly cold and are leak free.

Purezza Paper Cups

Paper Cups

Purezza recyclable paper cups have a wax lining for extra durability and are suitable for cold drinks.

Bottle Caps

Purezza Bottle Lids

These are designed to slip easily onto Purezza Serving Bottles and are easily replaced if lost or damaged.

  • Price per cap: $1.00 + GST
  • Product code: 86034

Rustic Handles


Add a touch of personality to your Purezza system with rustic wooden handles to complement your venue.

  • Price per handle: $49.99 + GST
  • Product code: 90130

Sanitising Spray

Sanitising Spray

The surface disinfectant requires no rinsing and is DAFF approved as safe to use in food areas. Available in 750ml and 125ml sizes.

  • Price:
    • $17.90 + GST (750ml)
    • $9.90 + GST (120ml)
  • Product code:
    • 86060 (750ml)
    • 90122 (120ml)

Dish Washing Rack

Dish Washing Rack

Maintain the quality of your Purezza bottles by washing them regularly in our dish washing rack at a minimum of 82°C.

  • Dimensions: 440 L x 360 W x 220 H mm
  • Price: $149.00 + GST
  • Product code: 90124