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FAQs & Troubleshooting

Having trouble? We've included some of our frequently asked questions below.

How do I order more glass serving bottles?

Our 750ml Purezza bottles are reusable and recycable. Should you need to order more, please contact us on 1300 792 673 and select option ‘3’. The bottles are delivered in boxes of 12 and available in a still or sparkling design.

How do I turn the machine on?

The on/off switch is located on the black operation panel at the side of the Purezza machine. The switch is illuminated green when the machine is on.

How do I adjust the water temperature?

You can adjust water temperature by using the thermostat dial, which is located on the black operation panel on the side of the machine. The thermostat is controlled by the small screw inside the dial of white numbers so a flat-head screw driver will be required to adjust the dial setting. The recommended setting is between marks 4 and 5. It is not recommended to increase the thermostat setting above mark 5.

How do I adjust the Co2 carbonation?

The Co2 carbonation can be adjusted using the regulator on the top of the Co2 bottle. The recommended setting for the gas is between 3 and 4.

The water flows too fast/ too slow!

The output flow speed of the water can be adjusted using the flow regulator on each tap. The flow regulator is the small lever at the side of the tap.

Does the Purezza system need ventilation?

Yes, it should be well-ventilated area for optimum use. If your thermostat is set at the recommended temperature but the water is not cold, ensure that the area around the system is uncluttered and ventilated as well as is practical. If the system is housed in a cupboard, leave the doors open overnight.

What do I do if the taps are leaking?

If water is leaking from the front of the taps, simply tighten the visible screw at the front of the tap, by turning it in a clockwise direction until tight.

How should I wash the glass serving bottles?

We recommend that serving bottles are washed in a double-cycle commercial dishwasher at a minimum of 82°C. For your convenience, Purezza offers a dishwashing rack that fits 20 Purezza bottles and is sized to fit in most commercial dishwashers.

How do I redeem my loyalty credit?

Your loyalty credit is automatically applied to your account as credit, which you can use for consumable purchases or rental invoices.

There’s only CO2 coming out of the sparkling tap?

This is called an airlock and happens when the system has been turned off and on without the chance for it to recover. Simply turn the machine and CO2 off, hold down the sparkling tap until CO2 stops coming out. Wait a minute and turn everything back on, the sparkling water will resume working after some splatter.

How do I change the o-ring?

The o-ring sits in the fitting connecting the regulator to the CO2 bottle. If damaged this can result in CO2 leaks as it acts as a seal. To replace, turn off CO2 by twisting the valve on top of the bottle closed. Unscrew the CO2 regulator from the bottle to expose the o-ring at the end of the tank fitting of the regulator. If damaged, you need to remove it with a pick and replace by pushing in the new o-ring.

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