Please read this COVID-19 update on the measures that we are taking to enhance the safety of employees and customers of Waterlogic, Billi and Purezza.

What our customers say

"We are very conscious of sustainability and our environmental footprint and endeavour to minimise our impact as much as possible. We love Purezza because we can reuse the same glass bottles rather than having single-use plastic bottles, it also minimises the amount of deliveries to the restaurant."

Taryn Sirkka
Ormeggio at The Spit

"We love serving water that doesn’t involve unnecessary packaging! It keeps you beautiful and saves the planet."

Alasdair France
Bondi Trattoria

"It’s so convenient having the sparkling water and chilled filtered water on tap! We love that it reduces the cost for us, for the customer, as well as reducing our overall waste by being able to reuse the Purezza bottles. The taps look great in the bar as well."

Rebecca Christiansen
Collins Quarter

"Convenience for us, choices for customers and the option to reduce the use of plastic bottles.”

Garry McNamara
Let Minnow Café

"For us, it’s the ability to have great tasting water ready to go as we use it for our keto coffee”

Jason Allegretta
Karibu Cafe


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