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Premium sparkling water in a refillable bottle. No land fill. A greener choice

Why Purezza for Premium Sparkling Water?

The rapidly growing popularity of premium sparkling water dispensers in Australia is no surprise, given that more than 50,000 sparkling water systems are sold in Europe every year. In Italy, where our systems are made, more water is dispensed from sparkling water dispensers than is sold in bottles.

As Australia’s love of premium sparkling water grows, our machines are becoming ever-more popular. So why is it that venues love our systems?

Purezza is an exciting system which allows venues to dispense their own premium sparkling water on site. It is a proven system for creating fantastic profit results for venues by eliminating the requirement for costly and operationally inefficient pre-packaged water.

The system provides three types of premium water – chilled sparkling, chilled still and ambient still water – to ensure patrons are given the same choices they would have with pre-packaged premium bottled water. We have output capacities to match any requirement, large or small.

Purezza is backed by the ONLY national service support network in Australia, and is part of the global Waterlogic group of companies. You can rely on our equipment and our people to keep your system in tip-top condition.

The list of venues using Purezza is impressive and includes iconic restaurants such as The Marque, Momofuku, Chiswick, 4Fourteen and Bathers Pavilion. However, our systems are versatile to match any venue and are installed at small cafes, restaurants, event centres, bars and clubs all over Australia.

If you’re still buying and selling pre-packaged bottled water you are falling behind your competitors, and probably making a lot less money from your water sales. Contact us now to enquire about a Purezza system.

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"Endless crisp and cold sparkling water. Less waste and recycling."

Jonathan, Rey's Place