Restaurants are turning the bottled water industry on its head with the help of Purezza Premium Water

Eliminate bottled water waste from your venue, by installing an on-tap filtered sparkling and chilled water system from Purezza Premium Water systems.

Adding Purezza to your venue will allow you to remove pre-bottled water and provide customers with unlimited, freshly filtered water on-site, served in beautifully crafted and reusable Purezza branded bottles. Whether you’re running a franchised restaurant, or a family run café, Purezza Premium Water systems provide your customers with perfectly chilled, great tasting sparkling or still water.

Why choose Purezza over pre-bottled?

Many big carbonated drink brands are doubling down on the importance of their ‘sugar-free’ variants. This market shift has been driven by the fact that consumers are becoming ever more health conscious. It won’t surprise many that the increased negative perceptions of high sugar content drinks has led to the continued decline in soft drink sales across Australia for several years. However,as customers move away from high sugar drinks they are turning to healthier options such as sparkling water. Purezza allows your venue to offer chilled sparkling or still water with a premium experience that serves this changing demand perfectly.

Purezza Premium Water systems are also more versatile and efficient compared to alternative solutions, whilst providing an opportunity to drive more revenue for your venue. Once installed you’ll be able to expand your offer instantly by adding simple fruit syrups to sparkling water, crafting delicious beverages that customers will love and be willing to pay a premium to enjoy. Serving freshly filtered water on-site will immediately remove the all too common logistical headaches of providing pre-bottled carbonated drinks. No more bottle order admin to process, no storage space wasted filled with dozens of pre-bottled beverages and no need to dispose of single-use bottles.

We are all aware of the impact single-use plastic bottles have on the environment. Not only do they end up in landfill, our oceans and our beaches they also produce greenhouse gases during their production and transportation.With the annual consumption of plastic bottles set to surpass half-a-trillion by 2021 this problem is unlikely to improve in the short term. With Purezza,venues can now completely remove any need for single-use plastic bottles as your venue can freshly filter on-site and serve sparkling or still water from durable, reusable and machine-washable branded glass bottles. This sustainable approach resonates with customers and contributes to the overall premium experience of Purezza.

Interested in service Purezza at your venue?

You won’t be alone, Purezza can now be found in over 4,000 venues across Europe, North America and Australia. The key to our success is that Purezza has a range of products that allow restaurants, cafes, function centres and hospitality venues turn a healthy margin by bottling and selling premium still and sparkling water on-site. The Purezza Premium Water experience is also a turnkey solution that includes Purezza branded bottles, POS promotional material and staff training to give your venue everything you’ll need to confidently and successfully sell Purezza. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch with one of our experts and we’ll contact you back as soon as possible.