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The market shift that’s boosting restaurant profits

Posted on: 01/03/19 Posted by: Sidrah Ahmad

By selling sparkling water directly to diners through Purezza; hotels, restaurants and cafés can increase profitability.

A lucrative opportunity has bubbled to the surface. As Australian consumers lose interest in sugary sodas, new businesses and established brands have found success with an alternative, sparkling water, and with the sector promising 20% year-on-year growth, the possibility of rising sales extends beyond retail.

The hospitality industry has its own sparkling opportunity to grasp as venue owners and managers make the most of this growing trend. By selling sparkling water directly to diners through Purezza; hotels, restaurants and cafés can increase profitability.

Moreover, the growing taste for sparkling water has resulted not only from the attraction of going sugar-free; one-third of Australian consumers now favour brands that promote sustainability, which puts pressure on venues to offer an environmentally-friendly option to customers.

By selling sparkling water directly to diners through Purezza; hotels, restaurants and cafés can increase profitability.

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The increasing global demand for sparkling water

The global sparkling water market is forecast for strong growth as research suggests that younger consumers enjoy its health benefits as much as its zero artificial sugar content. Market share across geographies highlights how the Americas still have the largest market with 45.25% of sales; Europe 30.05%; MEA 9.45%; while APAC currently has a 15.25% market share, although this is steadily on the rise.

Obesity is driving change across the USA

A high incidence of obesity in the United States has pushed consumers towards healthier beverage options with calorie-free sparkling water topping the list. Sales of unflavoured carbonated water have grown 88% in the USA over the last 6 years as consumption of full-calorie sodas has plummeted by 25% over the previous 20 years.

Health awareness sparked sugar taxes in Europe

As the UK introduces a 'sugar tax’ of 18 pence per litre to combat the sugar levels in soda, the rest of Europe has become more health-conscious. Many on the continent already prefer sparkling water for its digestive benefits, thereby providing local venues with the opportunity to target this large consumer-base with low calorie drinks.

Younger consumers are avoiding soda in Australia

APAC is the fastest-growing region for sparkling water consumption with much of the increase driven by health-conscious 25-34 year-olds opting for a low-sugar alternative to unhealthy sodas. Did you know, fewer than 1-in-2 of the Australian population drinks a soda in a 7-day period with many choosing sparkling water?

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What does this mean for the beverage industry?

Soda consumption fell to an all-time low in 2018 as Australians have become acutely aware of their sugar intake. Consumers are calling on beverage producers to label sugar and sweetener content clearly, so people can quickly understand what they’re drinking, while Researcher Mintel suggests manufacturers need to supply reduced-sugar options to reflect consumer demand. Low and non-alcoholic beverages also stand to gain from the trend as customers seek healthier drinks to pair with food when they dine out. In fact, two-thirds of Gen Z drinkers no longer feel that alcohol is integral to their social lives.

Serve customers and save the planet

Purezza is a sustainable alternative to traditional bottled water. A limitless supply of great tasting, still and sparkling water is freshly dispensed on-site and served in premium, reusable, glass bottles eliminating the need for shipping pre-packaged bottles, delivery trucks and waste disposal. Installing a Purezza system will not only enable you to reduce your carbon footprint, it provides you with a revenue opportunity as well.

By offering your diners a more creative selection of low and non-alcoholic twists on classic cocktails, you complete their dining experience while always managing to stay on-trend.


You can now find Purezza in over 8,000 venues across North America, Europe, and Australia. The key to our success lies in our extensive range of Purezza products that allow restaurants, cafes, function centres and hospitality venues to turn a healthy margin by selling premium still and sparkling water on-site.

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