Purezza Essentials

A selection of everyday products to help you make the most of your Purezza system.


Purezza offer a range of accessories to ensure you get the best from your system. To place an order or for more information, contact out customer service team on 1300 12 87 32.

Glass bottle

Waterlogic glass bottle accessory

This popular 500ml glass bottle is often given to staff as an employee benefit, which encourages them to use your Purezza system. The stylish design also makes it a beautiful and practical gift for customers and clients.

Bottle washer rack

Purezza bottle dishwasher rack bespoke for Purezza bottles

Our handy bottle dishwasher rack allows you to clean 20 bottles at a time and will fit in a standard glass washer. Keeping your bottles clean will maintain the high standard of Purezza premium water.

Sanitising spray

sanitising disinfectant spray

Taking good care of your Purezza system helps maintain smooth operation between services and prolong its life. This surface disinfectant is easy to use with no rinsing required, The spray is DAFF approved and safe for use in food areas.

Purezza glass bottles

Purezza premium 750ml bottles for both sparkling and still water

Purezza glass bottles are the perfect addition to any venue and instantly add a touch of sophistication. Our re-usable bottle remove the need for disposable plastic bottles, dramatically reducing your environmental impact.