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Purezza is changing the way restaurants, cafés and hotels do business. The modern alternative to pre-packaged bottled water, Purezza is leading the way in providing cost effective, sustainable, and high-quality water dispensing solutions for hospitality venues worldwide.

What is Purezza PureZero?

The Purezza PureZero Movement is a joint initiative to recognise and publicise the efforts of our customers in their reduction of single use plastics, particularly packaged water bottles, by installing a Purezza system in their venue.

How does the program work?

Once an eligible venue partner joins the PureZero Movement, Purezza will share an introductory profile of the business and their sustainability goals. Eligible venues also receive a flow meter to measure and calculate exactly how many plastic bottles have been saved by using a Purezza system.

How do we do this?

The Purezza team will periodically gather data from flow meters and develop an annual sustainability snapshot report to share with staff and customers.

What do we want to achieve…?

Our overarching goal is to continue to help our partner venues achieve their own sustainability goals, through the reduction and eventual elimination of single use packaged water bottles.

…For our customers?

National recognition of their efforts, through our social media and online blogs with specific profile-raising opportunities. There will also be annual accolades and awards to recognise venues who advance their sustainability and wellness objectives for staff, customers, and the planet.

…As a partnership?

Building strong collaborative relationships between the venue and Purezza, to foster a sustainability-focused community online and on premise. We want Purezza to help venues begin their journey for sustainability, at the same time we recognise those venues alreadyon the path.


Apart from making significant contributions to the reduction of single-use plastics worldwide, eligible venues will also receive:

Purezza branded flow meter to help measure and document your contribution

Frequent profile-raising opportunities through social media

Decals highlighting your participation to display on entry or behind the bar

Annual membership milestones

Certificate of recognition

Direct support through a dedicated account manager

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