Products for Venues

Big Profits, Premium Quality

Offer still or sparkling water at your restaurant, café, venue, or hotels and make fantastic profits bottling and selling your own sparkling water on site by taking advantage of our great turn-key package.

We provide the system, the stylishly branded, re-usable Purezza bottles, plus the training your staff will need. Purezza Sparkling Water at restaurants, cafes, or all venues can be served and charged “by the bottle”, “per person” or “per table”, and as a premium inclusion in beverage packages. We have a size and style of system to suit the requirement of any venue, large or small.

Still or Sparkling Water: Restaurant Series

Our most popular systems, Purezza Restaurant Series, deliver high-capacity output to suit any busy restaurant or large function centre. Delivering one litre of sparkling water for a cost of just eight cents, our Restaurant Series systems provide outstanding profit potential for any venue. Combine the Purezza System with the premium branded Purezza bottles and you have high-quality, ice-cold sparkling water in your restaurant at a fraction of the cost of pre-packaged bottle water.

Purezza bottles in a restaurant

Purezza tap

Still or Sparkling Water: Cafe Series

The newest addition to the Purezza range is the hugely popular Café Series. These systems, the most economical in our range, are ideally suited to smaller size cafes and bars. The output really packs a punch, but the compact size means they will fit neatly in any venue. Want unlimited Sparkling Water for less than $5 a day? Get a Purezza Café Series in your venue today.

Still or Sparkling Water: Event Series

Our highest-capacity system can handle the largest requirement, from large function centres to convention centres and everything else in between. The premium quality sparkling water stays ice cold, even during the busiest periods.

Purezza at an event